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To say that we get close to our projects would be an understatement. That’s because our designs are not only inspired by your goals and objectives, they are also inspired by you. Our goal is simple. Create exterior spaces that our clients don’t simply see with their eyes, but their hearts as well. That’s why from start to finish, the design team at Scots is all about the details. It’s why communication with our clients every step of the way is not simply part of the process, it is the process. And it’s why we still know your name and phone number, and you still know ours, long after the project is complete.

Beginning with a personal site survey and consultation to outline objectives and goals, to the finished project review, the Scots design team makes creating wonderful exterior spaces that are a natural extension of your home or business quite easy. You talk. We listen. We make it happen. You fall in love.


On-site Consultation

A member of the Scots design team will meet with you at your location to discuss your goals for the exterior space and survey the area.

Design Plan Development

Based on the consultation and the initial survey of the area, a scaled design plan will be created for the space.

Design Plan Review & Approval

Once the plan is complete, it will be reviewed with you for your approval and to ensure it meets your goals. Typically, during this part of the process, many finish samples (pavers, decking, stone, tile, plant varities, etc.) will be shown. If the final finishes have not been selected at this point, we will review those at a later time for your approval.

Installation & Finishing

Once the design plan has been approved and finishes chosen, Scots skilled installation team will implement the design under the supervision of the Scots Landscape Architectural Designer. Through constant contact and on-site visits, your design team will ensure the finished space exceeds your expectations.

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