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Showcase V0923, Vienna, WV

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Project Scope

The owner of this charming home wanted to create an inviting outdoor space along with the privacy to use it effectively.

Location Parameters

The home was located in a residential neighborhood with other homes in close proximity. The exterior space was small and featured an existing small deck.

Design Plan

Capitalizing on the owner’s love of oriental themes, the Scots design team created a multi-zoned space. The small existing deck was removed and a new one was installed that tied in to a new outdoor room. The new outdoor room was actually a gazebo area featuring high walls with high opening pass-throughs on two sides for maximum privacy. An open roof design allowed the dramatic red color of the
roof to bring color into the space. Adding a TV and cozy fireplace expanded the functionality of the space. The connection between the gazebo room and the home’s deck was became a bridged walkway through a japanese garden that featured ornamental statuary and a dry steam.

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